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Zoo: 9:00 - 16:00
Tickets: 9:00 - 15:00
Offices: 8:00 - 16:00 (Monday - Friday)

Zoo is open every day, as well as at weekends and on holidays.

  • The opening hours of the cash desk correspond to the time during which it is possible to buy a ticket and enter the Zagreb Zoo.
  • The opening hours of the Zoo mark the time during which the visitors are allowed to stay at the Zoo.
  • In the period between the closing time of the cash desk and closing the Zoo it is not possible to buy a ticket and enter the Zoo, but only to leave to Zoo.




  • The purchased ticket is valid for a single entry to the Zoo of one person, on the date of issue.
  • It is not possible to buy a ticket for future use.
  • The price of tickets corresponds to the price list displayed at the Zoo cash desk.
  • It is possible to pay with credit cards at the register.
  • The Zoo is open every day, including Sundays and holidays.


  • Annual and other special tickets shall only apply to the user whose name is on the ticket.
  • Annual ticket provides its user with an unlimited number of visits to the Zoo during the validity period of the ticket. That ticket is not valid for special programmes at the Zoo which have special prices.
  • Keep the tickets during your stay at the Zoo. The Zoo employees are entitled to check the tickets. The visitors have to present their tickets upon request.


  • In the event of non-compliance, the visitors shall be held responsible in accordance with legal acts and bylaws.
  • By buying the ticket, the visitors accept the Zoo Rules.




  • Children under 12 have to be accompanied by an adult during their visit. Adults accompanying children have to take care of the safety of children and they are responsible for their behaviour. Parents, that is the legal guardians, hold the responsibility for behaviour of children over 12 who are not accompanied by an adult.


  • The entrance to the Zoo is allowed only on foot, in a wheelchair or with the help of other mobility aids. The children can enter the Zoo in a pushchair. Any other vehicles and means of transport are forbidden – skates, bicycles, sleighs, electrically operated vehicles etc.


  • It is not allowed to enter the Zoo with balloons, balls and similar items that may hurt people and animals. The employees at the Zoo can refuse entry to visitors who insist on bringing potentially dangerous items.


  • No pets are allowed at the Zoo. However, therapy dogs and guide dogs may enter the Zoo.
  • During their visit to the Zoo, the visitors shall take care of animal welfare and the facilities.
  • It is strictly prohibited to feed or disturb the animals.
  • Smoking in the Zagreb Zoo is strictly prohibited. The exception are designated smoking areas.
  • The fences surrounding the animal housing are there to protect the visitors from danger. It is forbidden to cross over, lean over or get under the fence, or to stick items, hands and fingers through their openings.


  • It is strictly prohibited to enter or circulate in the areas with a restricted access sign.


  • Photographs, audio and video recordings from the Zoo may be used only for personal, that is private purposes. A written approval from the Zoo is necessary to use the abovementioned for commercial and other purposes. Taking pictures and recording videos is allowed with cell phones and amateur cameras with the help of simple aids, such as tripods. Entering or using any other kind of larger and professional equipment is allowed solely with a written approval from the Zoo.


  • The visitors should be aware that the paths and promenades are used by supply and construction vehicles as well. Regular traffic rules apply in such cases.
  • The Zagreb Zoo shall not be held responsible for cases in which the visitors do not respect the rules of conduct at the Zoo.
  • If you find someone’s personal belongings, please deliver them to the Zoo ticket office. Also, if you wish to report loss of personal belongings in the Zoo, you can do that at the Zoo ticket office.






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